The Meyers Group Government Relations & Business Consulting

About us

The Meyers Group often serves as information advisors to those in government, assisting with interests both in and outside of the legislative process, including campaigns and grassroots activities. This allows us to maintain our position as political “insiders” and create opportunities to strengthen relationships with decision-makers who play important public policy-making roles. 

We are lobbyist.

Lobbyists do the "leg work" that often cannot be done by legislative staff because of time constraints. Lobbyists help formulate strategy and provide follow-up. Lobbyists attend hearings and meetings and keep the Council Members and staff informed about developments. Lobbyists help create grassroots support.

A lobbyist works to make sure a client’ needs stay high on the agenda and makes sure others don't get a competitive advantage. Not having Washington representation can leave a client at a serious disadvantage. Time constraints, the work load within a legislative office, the work of competitors, and the complexity of issues make the services of a lobbyist an absolute necessity.

Experienced and successful lobbyists thoroughly understand the legislative process: they have the ability to strategically plan and ensure close follow-up that is of significant value to a client.

The Meyers Group has the experience necessary to fully understand the DC legislative and regulatory processes so as to affect those processes to the benefit of a client.

The Meyers Group services include:

Lobbying for, or against, particular bills or amendments.

Assisting in securing prompt approval of grant applications filed with local and state agencies.

Assisting in securing permits and approvals that might be required from local agencies.

Shepherding appropriations items through all phases of the budget process.

Reviewing and reporting on proposed legislations.

Analyzing the potential impact of proposed legislation through the rulemaking and regulatory process.

Drafting proposed legislation and amendments.

Developing coalitions to build support for legislative and appropriations objectives.

Preparing “White Paper” and talking points on substantive issues.

Testifying before governmental entities, public hearings and legislative committees on behalf of clients.

Creating opportunities to strengthen relationships with the decision makers who play important policy-making roles affecting our clients.

Identifying commercial and industrial opportunities for business development clients early in the process.

Arranging strategic introductions to key decision-makers before RFP’s come out.

Assisting in creating the right message for RFP responses.